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617I-I - In a public announcement by Ishukone-Raata Technological Research Institute (I-RTI), details were released on two projects that are now underway by their personnel. Dr. Emiri Aneozomi, CEO and Lead Researcher of I-RTI provided I-RCN with a special interview and look at just what these entail.


The first, known as “Project Einzenhi”, appears to be a study of the shattered planet within the system 35-RK9. “The purpose of this project is to study this planet in as much detail as possible, taking in information that tells us just what (if any) changes this planet has undergone since its destruction,” states the document released to I-RCN that includes the project’s information. “We have no idea what to expect to find, but that is the beauty of it. We may even see that there have been no changes whatsoever. But even through a result such as that, we’re able to provide data in the event that there is a change in the future,” Dr. Aneozomi stated to us when explaining further. It is well known that this planet is one of many that were affected in the Seyllin Incident in March of YC111.


“Project Nahui” , the second and perhaps the more mysterious of the two, is recorded to have the goal of observing two stellar curiosities within the region of Syndicate known as the Trace Cosmos and Cord of Elements. Dr. Aneozomi stated: “Both of these have such an unknown element that no one has been able to understand or map out so far. Black holes, spacial rifts, and a dark cloud that bends time? We’ll be building state of the art telescopes to look into these strange areas and gain a better understanding as to just how they came to be and what knowledge we can obtain from how they exist.”


The interview abruptly ended when she was asked for details related to our past news story on the leaks of the Anoikis exploration mission lead by Dr. Petrus Rouvier.


Between I-RTI’s involvement in Muspell Combine’s stellar observation project, Project Einzenhi, and Project Nahui, it’s clear that the team of researchers and scientists have their hands full, despite being a relatively new addition to I-RED.


I-RCN will be given updates as they are made available, and will continue to report on any findings.

Jochi Ssima • YC119.05.19

I-RTI Announces New Projects

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