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Syndicate Company Tours 

A Brief History

Better known as SynCo Tours™, the company started out in Syndicate to capitalize on the tourism popular in the region. The company saw moderate success, and expanded its operations throughout the entire region. Meanwhile, an eager I-RED was on the prowl for opportunities to expand its influence and presence in the region.


Through a series of clever business maneuvers, I-RED was able to position itself as the majority shareholder of the company. Under the guiding hand of their majority shareholder, SynCo Tours™ has expanded their operations into regions adjacent to Syndicate. They’ve even also implemented standard shuttling services and function as a travel agency as well. With a reputation for excellent customer service and affordable prices, there is no stronger competitor to InterBus in these areas of the cluster than SynCo™ Tours.


Shuttles, cruise lines, and private transports bearing the logo and colors of SynCo™ Tours are a common sight in Syndicate and adjacent regions. And with the rollout of the Syndicate Stability Initiative II©, the success of the company only looks to continue growing.

Products and Services

  • Travel agency services

  • Luxury cruises

  • Shuttling services

Featured Product

The company itself is not necessarily a producer of goods. Instead, they purchase their fleet of transports from I-RED.


SynCo™ Tours operates centers throughout the regions of Syndicate, Placid, Solitude, and Cloud Ring. They operate most heavily in the Syndicate region, and their headquarters can be found aboard the 6-U2M8 Oriki Commercial Center.

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