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Operation Grey Steel


What is it?

As the Upwell Consortium released the blueprints for the citadel-class series of structures, an opportunity arose to truly push the boundaries of force projection and achieving interstellar peace and prosperity. A newly restructured I-RED pounced on the opportunity, and spawned this project as a result. The goals of Operation Grey Steel© are numerous, but in essence it seeks to facilitate improved stability, prosperity, and safety for the region of Syndicate, and in particular 98Q “superpocket.”


So far the project has caused a considerable influx of baseliners into the area, whether to work, visit, or live a life aboard one of the OGS© structures. The project is well established at this point, and seems to have been met with mixed opinions from residents of the Intaki Syndicate. While some more conservative locals view the whole initiative as a ruse to spread the influence of Ishukone and the Caldari State, others welcome the work done by I-RED. Regardless, the results so far speak for themselves, and I-RED remains dedicated to enhancing the life of those who call Syndicate home.

How can I get involved?

Getting involved with OGS© can be done in a variety of ways. The most obvious and direct methods would be investing in structures, and/or visiting the facilities and making use of the cheap and affordable services. If you are interested in conducting business related to this project, please feel free to visit the SSI2 fluid router network and get in contact with an I-RED representative.


Operation Grey Steel© Project Manager - Roirdan Bouchate

Mailing List - Operation Grey Steel

Channel(s) - SSI2

Operation Grey Steel© Infosheet

Operation Grey Steel© Investment Policy Form

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