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Mobile Headquarters

Situated in the system of XS-XAY, an Astrahus-class citadel functions as the mobile headquarters for I-RED. Funded by a private donor, the Reppola Logistic Support facility is more than equipped to handle the role. The Reppola Logistic Support boasts state-of-the-art administrative and command facilities, as well as a complement of well-trained Enforcers. A growing fleet of Enforcer security vessels are moored along the perimeters of the Astrahus, ready to respond at a moment’s notice. Transport and other logistic vessels are commonly seen being directed in, out, and around the Astrahus. Despite the high security nature of the mobile HQ, the citadel is open to the general public and is a great way for visitors to get to know I-RED and some of the activities they’re involved in.

Gariushi Lounge

The Gariushi Lounge is where Ishukone-Raata Capsuleers meet with each other in an informal but otherwise civilized setting. While equipped with a small bar, it is not a bar. Instead, it is more of a tea house built in post-traditional Caldari design. Hardwood flooring with tatamis provide seating for the more traditionally minded, while sofas and plush recliners tucked into the sides and corners of the room allow for those of other preferences to sit. The occasional sound of chimes or songbirds add ambiance to an otherwise quiet room, with amble leafy flora offering color to the austere setting.


Temperature is maintained at a steadily cool fifteen degrees Celsius, with extra warmth provided by IR enhanced lighting at aesthetically pleasing locations. Some seats bathe in the warming light of a lamp or simulated window while others coolly rest in the shadows. All seating provides a nearby table or mat, and several secure uplinks offer access to various external data networks.

Above the small bar, three HoloPanels provide something to watch. One covers news and sports, with results for betting and gambling and an easy to pause and scroll ticker. Another provides entertainment of a varying sort, changeable by the patrons. Finally, a third one is dedicated to market and trade sector updates, underlined by a ticker dedicated to stocks.


Located in the high-security government sector of the Astrahus, a subsection is dedicated to the capsuleer division of the organization. Here, you may find some offices for the various capsuleer employees of I-RED. Normally inaccessible to the general public, non-employees may still visit if they have an appointment scheduled ahead of time with a capsuleer member of I-RED. Contrary to what one might expect, there are little, if any, security guards posted. Instead, the decks dedicated to housing the capsuleer offices are protected by hidden hunter-seeker drones, stasis webification field generators, automatic turrets, and a myriad of other technologies.

Office of the Executor, Alex Hinkelmann

Office of the Director of Finance, Head Diplomat Julianni Avala

Office of the Director of Research and Technology, Emiri Aneozomi

Office of the Director of Logistics, Leela Angel

Office of the Director of Public Works, Roirdan Bouchate

Office of the Director of Public Affairs and Relations, Selenna Solange

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