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Myoka Galactic 

A Brief History

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Myoka Galactic™ was originally a Gallentean-borne vehicle company that based out of Placid. For many years the size of the company remained feeble, but that did not stop it from producing beautiful and desirable luxury hovercars. Over time, the notoriety of the brand grew, and larger vehicle companies took notice. One by one they offered buyouts of the company. It wasn’t until Myoka founders were approached by the charismatic Korbin Lavius of the Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive that a deal was settled.


The settlement for ownership of the company was never publicly released, but Myoka began expanding its operations under the ownership of I-RED. Myoka started producing terrestrial vehicles that were considerably more affordable than their original luxury hovercars. They also took up production of interplanetary shuttles to handle the commercial needs of I-RED. Despite all this change, Myoka maintained its status as a producer of high-quality and ultra-luxurious hovercars. Under the ownership of I-RED, the colors of glossy red, metallic gold, and gunmetal grey were adopted as the signature colors of the company.


Myoka Galactic™ conventional vehicles can be commonly seen in areas areas under the influence of Ishukone, and especially I-RED. And their hovercars remain vehicles which constantly turn the heads of passerby.

  • Conventional land vehicles

  • Hovercars

  • Interplanetary Shuttles

  • Mechanical services

  • Graviton thruster technology

Myoka Galactic™ dealers can be found throughout the regions of Placid, Verge Vendor, The Citadel, The Forge, Black Rise, and now Syndicate! The clusterwide headquarters were moved to the A-3ES3 Tash-Murkon Refinery during the latter half of YC118. 

Fureur S

The Fureur S is an iteration of one of the original hovercar designs that first got Myoka noticed among the interstellar hovercar community. An overall sleek and curvy chassis punctuated by sharp angles and aggressive lines, the Fureur S stands as an iconic product of Myoka Galactic™.


Despite the technology that comes integrated with most hovercars, the Fureur S is unique in that the amount of technology incorporated is kept to a minimum. The effect of this is that driving a Fureur S becomes a visceral experience, a sacred connection between hovercar and driver. The Fureur S only comes in the signature colors of the company. The Fureur S is ultimate answer in high-quality, high-performance hovercars. 

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