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Syndicate Stability Initiative II©

The Syndicate Stability Initiative II© (SSI2) is an ongoing attempt to improve the ecosystem of the Syndicate region, and ameliorate the lives of those who call the region home.

Our mission is to strive to promote ideals of prosperity and stability in the region of Syndicate - fair-wage jobs, suitable social services, adequate recreational spaces, equality in the workplace, free trade, open space lanes free of pirate activity, and so much more.

Operation Grey Steel© (OGS) seeks to accomplish these goals by utilizing infrastructure designs released by Upwell Consortium. Citadels act as bastions of free trade and stability, while engineering complexes will nurture blossoming industrial activities in the region of Syndicate.

Project R.E.A.C.H.© fulfills the vision set forth by the SSI2 by fostering an interconnected network between the planets of Syndicate and the cluster at-large, as well as providing the foundation for a more robust and developed interstellar economy through planetary resource extraction.

The IshuNet™ Task Network provides a more direct method for private contractors to contribute to making a lasting difference for the people of Syndicate, and even the cluster at-large.

To find out more about the Syndicate Stability Initiative II©, feel free to select the image. You will be taken to an external site.

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