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617I-I - I-RCN has just received leaks which detail the number of mishaps which have occurred on the Anoikis research expedition, led by Anoikis Research Division (ARD) lead scientist Dr. Petrus Rouvier. The expedition launched on the 4th of this month, and was set to conclude this weekend. The leaks contain documents which track numerous strange incidents aboard the expedition vessel, a modified Falcon-class recon cruiser. More disturbingly, however, a few video files also were included which depict unnerving scenes.

While I-RCN has been unable to verify the legitimacy of these leaks, it appears that I-RCN was not the only organization given them. GalactaLeaks, an independent agency which publishes all sorts of secret information from various corporate, government, and organization sources, appears to have also obtained the same leaks as I-RCN, and has made them publicly available. As a result, a wave of controversy and shock has gripped the more GalNet-inclined residents aboard I-RED structures.

An incomplete expedition log notes how the expedition began as planned. The Falcon entered a wormhole into a class two system, and after running initial diagnostics and scans of the system, began procedural testing of the deep-space warp drive. Following a successful test trial, coordinates were set towards an undisclosed location, and the ship then initiated an uneventful two-day warp sequence. However, shortly after the ship's arrival at the designated location, things started going awry. Much of the events at this point in time appear to have been redacted or missing from the leaks. However, it appears that confusion gripped the crew of the vessel after they came into contact with an entity or phenomenon of some sort.

The logs continue and appear to abruptly end after about four days after reaching their destination in deep space. It seems that communications with the expedition crew also ceased at this time.

Among the holofiles is footage of Captain Javirr Takawa being declared unfit for duty by lead researcher Dr. Petrus Rouvier. A couple of crewmen try to restrain an apparently combative Captain Takawa, who manages to break free and leaps onto Dr. Rouvier. In what appears to be panic or self-defense, Dr. Rouvier penetrates Captain Takawa's neck with a large medical syringe, killing him.

Ishukone-Raata Technological Research Institute (I-RTI) has been bombarded with an onslaught of questions following the publication of the leaks by GalactaLeaks. All attempts to contact I-RTI or I-RED leadership to ask questions about the situation have thus far been declined. I-RED remains silent on the matter, but it remains to be seen for how much longer they will continue.

Once again, however, I-RCN has been unable to verify the legitimacy of the leaks. It will take some more time to determine if they indeed are official I-RED documents.

I-RCN will monitor the situation as it develops. 

Selenna Solange • YC119.03.30

Leaks Spread Concern Over Anoikis Exploration Mission

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