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Miniature Electronics

Advances in molecular chemistry and nanite-reduced computer chips have made almost every form of miniature electronics possible, from the simple holovid viewer and missile tracking systems to wetware cybernetics and quantum entanglement communications.

A testament to human creativity and ingenuity, the creation of miniature electronics revolutionized modern technology on a massive scale. While they're certainly nothing new, I-RED promises top quality miniature electronics backed by Ishukone approval. Paving the way forward, one microchip at a time.

Microfiber Shielding

Using advanced residual substrate isolation technology, silicon weave is threaded through layers of tough organic fibers. The resulting microfiber shielding is incredibly resilient and retains the microscopic profile required to shield miniaturized electronics.

Crafted with meticulous care and precision, these miniscule fragments of microfiber shielding are excellent for providing adequate protection for a range of today's miniaturized electronics. Produced in a factory with autonomous assembly lines, you can rest easy knowing that each unit of product was crafted with ultra-high precision and ease. 

Silicate Glass

Silicate glass is a common construction material, in constant demand throughout New Eden, whether in planetary structures or reinforced for use in space vessels.

Rivaling well-known producers in the Federation, I-RED factories pump out high-quality silicate glass en masse. Massive glass sheets are routinely inspected for defects by glass-making grandmasters. These sheets of silicate glass earn a slight tint of Ishukone signature metallic gold - indicating only the highest quality of silicate glass available on the open markets, guaranteed. From household development to starship assembly, trust I-RED brand silicate glass for all your construction needs.


This electronic device generates and amplifies a carrier wave, modulates it with a meaningful signal derived from speech or other sources, and radiates the resulting signal from an antenna or some other form of transducer.

Transmitters are essential for communication of many forms: calling a beloved friend across the stars, broadcasting a passionate sermon to countless faithful followers, or even blasting the Quafe themesong on popular holovid ads. As a result, I-RED remains committed to producing solid transmitter products for use by various consumers. You can expect a functional and long-lasting product, or we will give you your credits back. 

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Our Products

I-RED is committed to putting only the best quality products available on the market. We rigorously inspect our products for defects and other issues, and practice top-notch quality assurance procedures. When you purchase an I-RED product, you can expect only the best in terms of performance and quality.


You may find a list of products produced by I-RED in this section. For business inquiries, please contact your local I-RED representative, or visit the SSI2 fluid router network. Additionally, you may also view some of the services we offer. Again, for more detailed information on services offered, please contact your local I-RED representative, or visit the SSI2 fluid router network.Fly safe, and fair profits. 

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