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Corporate Investment Bank

The Ishukone-Raata Corporate Investment Bank (I-RCB) acts as the administrative branch of the organization. The bank oversees the daily transfers of billions of ISK to and from the various branches of I-RED, in addition to the bank and baseliners who make use of its services. The bank offers a variety of services to baseliner clientele, including but not limited to: life insurance, employment benefits, loans of all types, investment opportunities, and traditional currency storage.


Alex Hinkelmann- CEO, I-RED Executor

Alexandre was a Gallente citizen up until YC96 when he relinquished it once gaining a Caldari citizenship under the Ishukone Corporation. Born on Caldari Prime in YC42, Alexandre attended

several private schools which lead him into starting a small financial firm within the Verge Vendor region.

In YC94 his firm garnered the attention of several prospecting buyers, one of which a small Ishukone subsidiary. Once the purchase was finalized Alexandre looked to expand his horizons by starting a venture in the State. In that time he managed to gather a small fortune and gain access into the Capsuleer program, a move that would see him gain many merits.

Alexandre has been in the service of Ishukone-Raata for the past seven years. In that time he has seen his position move from Investment Overseer, to a short stint as Chief Financial Officer and now the Executor of the Ishukone Subsidiary itself.

Julianni Avala- CFO, Head Diplomat

Originally from the Amarr Empire, and of Ni-kunni-Ealur descent, Julianni Avala was placed into the care of Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive. During her re-education process, she 

showed promise when it came to organizational and accounting skills, and thus was pushed through more intensive programs surrounding the structure of I-RED finances. Once completing her education, she was fast-tracked into the capsuleer program. With hard work and dedication, she finally became a capsuleer and was placed in the position of Accountant for the Ishukone-Raata Accounting and Transport Corporation. After three years of proving her merit, she was promoted to her current position of Chief Financial Officer of Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive.. 

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