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Certified News

The official internal news division of I-RED, the I-RCN acts as the primary source of news both inside and outside the organization. I-RCN covers many aspects of daily life relevant to the baseliner employees of the alliance, but also serves the important function of communicating important events to the greater public.


Selenna ‘Scarlet’ Solange - CEO, Lead News Anchor

Selenna Solange, better known by her former stage name Scarlet, was a renown singer in Syndicate. Following the mysterious murder of her career

manager, Scarlet disappeared from the public eye for a number of years. She finally resurfaced in YC118 as the CEO of the newly formed Ishukone-Raata Certified News corporation. Acting as the Director of Public Affairs and Relations, Scarlet oversees the flow of information to and from I-RED. The Syndicate-born diva still sings for private events, but her time in the spotlight is spent in front of a camera drone reporting on the latest news these days. Without a doubt, she has been a valuable asset in that she is a face recognized and loved by many residents of the region, who eagerly tune in to catch the latest stories.

Koren Akko - Frontline Reporter, State Correspondent, Financial Correspondent

Koren Akko was born on Malkalen V. An outstanding example of Ishukone citizenry, Akko had an interest in public relations. However, 

Taigeru Beldeia - Frontline Reporter, Federation Correspondent, Cultural Correspondent

Beldeia hails from the border constellations between the Gallente Federation and Minmatar Republic, in 

the system of Deltole. Son of an immigrant Sebiestor mother and Federal customs officer, he grew up well-exposed to a multicultural household. A talented creator by heart, the young Beldeia broke into the fashion industry with ease. His designs incorporated elements from the two cultures he identifies with, and his prominence rose with each new unique piece. Cognizant of the struggles of immigrants, Beldeia used his surging presence in mainstream media to advocate for various social issues. Never one to settle in a single place for long, Beldeia took up an opportunity afforded to him in Syndicate as a reporter for I-RCN. Beldeia specializes in covering developments related to Syndicate culture and fashion.

she grew tired of the same sights of Malkalen V. She took advantage of an opportunity offered by Ishukone’s most notable capsuleer subsidiary, the Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive. She was accepted into I-RED’s public relations department, where she excelled in her duties. Evaluations performed by I-RED confirmed her ability to connect to a capsule, and so she was quickly indoctrinated into the capsuleer ranks of I-RED. Today, she can be commonly seen putting out information relating to the Caldari State and finances.

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