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Accounting And Transport

By far the largest and most expansive branch of I-RED, Ishukone-Raata Accounting and Transport (I-RAT) functions in a myriad of roles: general personnel management, logistics operations, custodial duties of infrastructure, and more. I-RAT oversees the management of the civilian population of the organization, and this includes non-employees who operate within or in close proximity to I-RED property. This is also the corporate division that oversees the planetary and interstellar logistics of I-RED as a whole. Without a doubt I-RAT is an essential branch of the organization.


Leela Angel- COO

Leela Naisto was born under Ishukone citizenship via a small subsidiary that operated in the Sukuuvestaa dominated system of Saisio. During times of natural disaster or freak 

accident, her corporation functioned as a rapid response organization. Over time, corporate officials noticed her dedication and passion for helping her fellow Caldari in need. Naisto often led the way in the rescue and response teams she was assigned to. This led to colleagues adopting the nickname “Angel” for her. She eventually was promoted to higher and higher positions until eventually she came into the radar of Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive, who was seeking to build up their own rescue and emergency response teams. A deal was negotiated, and Naisto became a leading I-RED employee. I-RED even discovered her capsule compatibility and paid for her capsuleer training in full. She helped establish the Ishukone-Raata Accounting and Transport division, and to this day still oversees many logistical and transport operations within I-RED.

Roirdan Bouchate - Logistics Officer

The amiable and approachable Bouchate, an ethnic mix of Intaki and Gallente, was born on the Intaki colony of Duureanta - also known as Harroule IV. The young Bouchate had a 

fascination with technology, and often found himself traveling between Syndicate and Placid as part of the business conducted by his parents. As he got older, he spent more and more time in Syndicate. Nowadays, despite being a Federal citizen, he comes across as more of a Syndicate native. Even he has admitted in the past that the Syndicate has been more a home to him than any place in the Federation. Due to his technical expertise and knowledge of the locals, Bouchate was selected to be the Director of Public Works, and was given the position of Project Manager for Operation Grey Steel©. Under these positions, he stands resolute to enhance the quality of life for the people he knows as his family - the residents of the Intaki Syndicate.

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