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Integrated Health Systems, Ltd.

A Brief History

Products and Services

Integrated Health Systems, Ltd. started out as a small biotech firm operating in areas under the jurisdiction of I-RED. Over the course of time, the I-RED Board of Directors took notice to the potential the small company exuded. A buyout deal was negotiated, and soon IHS began increasing the scope and creativity of its products and research at a rapid pace. Due to I-RED’s high standing with Ishukone, IHS was granted unrivaled access to research related to transcranial microcontrollers and other medical technology via deals sealed with Zainou.


IHS now stands as a formidable biotech company. The company is respected in many parts of State and Empire territories. While attempts have been made to break through to Federation and Republic markets, they have been difficult as IHS business moves have been slowed because of legal conflicts brought about by humanitarian organizations who oppose the TCMC products of IHS. While a significant majority of TCMC sales are for medicinal purposes, and TCMC sales are only a fragment of IHS’s overall profits, these groups refuse to acknowledge the medical benefits of this technology due to negative associations from TCMC use as an alternative to Vitoc.


A recent slew of behind-the-scenes agreements between I-RED’s new official research division has provided IHS access to top-tier scientists and engineers. Time will tell what sorts of technology will spawn from these changes.


  • Transcranial Microcontrollers

  • Prosthetics

  • Implants

  • Surgical equipment

  • Synthetic organs

Featured Product

Transcranial Microcontroller Model BC3.4

The TCMC-BC3.4 is a modified variant of TCMC whose sole purpose is to function as a form of birth control. The BC series of IHS TCMCs are quite popular in Empire space as well as certain Federation territories.

This variant of the BC series synchronizes with the pituitary gland in order to monitor and control the hormones follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH). In doing so, a female recipient can protect herself from getting pregnant without having to rely on a supply of birth control pills or the hassle of remembering to take a daily pill. The implant is programmable to cease regulation of these hormones at any time.


IHS has offices, research labs, production facilities, and warehouses spread throughout the cluster, but their primary locations are concentrated in The Forge, The Citadel, Domain, and Syndicate. Their headquarters were moved to the 617I-I Tuulinen Observatory during the latter half of YC118.

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