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Koren Akko • YC121.01.23

SEMIKI, Lonetrek - The Oniseki-Raata Internal Watch has submitted several reports that have just been de-classified for the I-RCN's use.


As of late 21.01.121, the security forces under direction of O-RIW's Commander, Shiran Mazaki, have reported the detection of unusually aggressive Guristas forces in the Semiki solar system. Initial reports detail several Ishukone-Raata operated scout vessels coming in contact with these patrols and ultimately being forced to disengage. Later reports from 22.01.121 show that an Intaki Liberation Front Vexor class cruiser, piloted by Mammal Tafren, came into contact with a Forward Observation Base around 09:48 NEST and was ultimately destroyed by the supporting Guristas forces. There have also been several reports from passing merchant vessels and security forces of multiple attacks on Semiki citadels in position around the Zainou Containment Facility, though in all cases they have been forced to disengage or been destroyed. As well, an attempted assault on an Ishukone-Raata Accounting and Transport Badger ferrying supplies to aid in the joint Directive/Conglomerate effort took place. Skirmishes between other capsuleer forces in the area have also been noted.


Early 23.01.121, an Internal Watch detachment was able to locate a second Guristas Forward Observation Base, prompting the Internal Watch to send out a system wide advisement to caution all civilian traffic to avoid any Guristas forces in the Semiki system and to stay clear of areas not regularly patrolled by State security forces.


We at I-RCN will continue to report this situation as it unfolds.

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