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Ostingele, Placid - A high-profile lawsuit against Gallente surgical doctor, Dr. Sauro Quilentine, has been ruled in favor of the controversial doctor. A number of former plastic surgery patients banded together to sue to the doctor for gross negligence, medical malpractice, and false advertising. The former patients all had surgeries related to animorph bodymodding, a specialized type of surgical augmentation which grants the patient more animal-like features.

The former patients all happen to be part of a social group known as Feline Modders International. FEMI, as they are commonly known, are a fairly small but well connected group of bodymodders who tend to adopt more feline traits through reconstructive surgery. FEMI outsourced attorneys to represent their distraught members in the Ostingele Superior Court.

The specific allegations against Dr. Quilentine are varied. Verge Vendor local Saphira Diamond alleges that she went to the doctor for a feline tail augmentation. Only weeks after the surgery, however, she reported that she felt severe pain near the site of implantation. She was hospitalized shortly thereafter and had to get the tail amputated, leaving only a “totes fugly” stump behind.

Another disgruntled patient claims that he was supposed to receive cat-like ears on his head, but instead received “pig-looking ears.” He further expressed his dismay at what he calls “false advertising” by Dr. Quilentine.

“We have always been a ridiculed group of individuals”, FEMI spokesperson Wanda Kat stated in a GalNet post. “It is not atypical for FEMI members or other animorph bodymodders to face humiliation, mockery, and discrimination in many member states of the Gallente Federation. For years, now, we have fought to secure protective legislation for people like us, but it seems the battle will continue.”

The ruling by Ostingele District Judge Marpecio Zavala has sparked outrage by vocal members and supporters of the animorph bodymodding community.

“Corrupt Placid government officials being bribed by dirty money from dirty criminals? What else is new,” social justice advocate Marlina De Aquar posted on her Peeper™ account.

“This is clearly an unfair ruling. I stand with my FEMI brothers and sisters! #SuspendZavala,” posted animorph bodymodder Damien Sasquela.

I-RCN has attempted to reach out to Ostingele Supreme Court officials for comment but has not received word back. Meanwhile, Dr. Quilentine has closed up shop in Placid and has fled to Syndicate. His exact whereabouts are unknown at this time.

Individuals apathetic to the situation have also made comments on the matter. One Peeper™ user receive thousands of repeeps of the following peep: “Unfortunate, sure. But then maybe if you are going to bodymod you should at least not go with a shady second-rate ‘doctor’ in the middle of nowhere in Placid. You get what you pay for.”

Taigeru Beldeia • YC120.05.20

Class Action Lawsuit Against Gallente Doctor Fails

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