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6-U2M8, Syndicate - Two days ago, I-RED and the Arataka Research Consortium hosted an event to honor the 10th anniversary of the Malkalen Incident - a day which saw the death of hundreds of thousands of Ishukone citizens and former Ishukone CEO Otro Gariushi. Contrary to previous years anniversaries, the tone set for this year was notably different. Mainly, in past years the day has been traditionally marked as a somber day. This year, however, the day took on a more celebratory tone. "A day to celebrate the lives of those lost, and to celebrate how far we [Ishukone] has come since then", as described by I-RED officials.

Following the conclusion of the event, I-RED leadership sent an internal memo to all employees. The event was described as being "overly successful" and mimicked the same pro-Ishukone and pro-Caldari State wording used in Director Bouchate's and Makoto Priano's speeches.

However, not everyone in the State who was watching approved of the seemingly celebratory tone of the event hosted by I-RED and ARC. Staunch traditionalists and conservatives disapproved of the almost joyful tone of the event, criticizing both I-RED and ARC for dishonoring the lives of those lost that day. A representative for I-RED fired back at such criticism, however, noting that "if we continuously mark the day with sadness and somber, we will forever be doing a great injustice to the incredible individuals who perished that day; we must endeavor to celebrate their lives and continue carrying on the legacy left behind by each of them and Otro Gariushi."

On the Ishukone capital world, Malkalen V, I-RED organized dozens of large public rallies in major cities to honor, remember, and celebrate. Collectively, hundreds of thousands Ishukone citizens attended these events. A number of lucky cities even got to experience a fireworks display led by I-RED in low orbit over the planet. The public remarks by ARC leader Makoto Priano and I-RED Director Roirdan Bouchate were televised via large holoscreens at these rallies. The pro-Ishukone statements engendered a positive response from the crowds assembled.

"I'm just happy to be here with my fellow citizens and remember this day", stated Ishukone citizen Giro Utaanen.

In another major city, a mother holding her toddler in her arms teared up, "I can't describe this feeling. My husband was killed in the Malkalen attack, and to see my fellow citizens celebrating and honoring him and the thousands of others killed that day...I just have no words. Thank you everyone." Her child was smiling and waving around little flags exuding Ishukone colors.

Following the public announcement by I-RED to submit a formal inquiry to the Federation Senate regarding the status of the ban on the settlement of planets and moons by the Intaki Syndicate, the news of this move spread like wildfire throughout the region of Syndicate. The reception of this news by Intaki native to the region has been mixed, but the general consensus seems to be one of approval.

Utpattia colony resident Jacques En Filrier had this to say, "once again, I-RED has confirmed their dedication to me and my fellow Intaki. I am incredibly grateful to them for making this move, they certainly have no reason to do so yet here they are...doing just that. Can't say I expect much from the Federation Senate, but I guess we'll see how this pans out."

Not only have Syndicate Intaki taken notice of the political move by I-RED, but so too have Placid Intaki. I-RED apparently got in touch with the renown pro-Intaki capsuleer organization the Intaki Prosperity Initiative to secure their support for the formal inquiry to the Senate. The response from Placid Intaki appears to also be one of approval. Some political analysts theorize that if the Federation were to formally renounce the ban, then it would increase collaboration and good relations between Placid and Syndicate Intaki.

I-RED hopes to obtain a response by the Federation Senate some time within the coming weeks.

Selenna Solange • YC120.05.17

Malkalen Anniversary Summary And Reactions

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