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BREAKING NEWS: Unknown Bacteria Discovered Through Project Einzenhi

Koren Akko • YC120.05.07

In what has been callled anything from a worrisome prospect, to a discovery beyond belief, I-RTI's Project Einzenhi has secured yet another discovery.

Dr. Emiri Aneozomi had this to say: "Our first discovery turned out to be that of an algae that seemed to have survived in the cold depths of space on debris from the shattered planet of 35-RK9 I. Our studies have now shown that there is in fact a second organism that is effectively living off of the algae."

I-RCN secured an interview with one of the microbiologists within I-RTI's research division, who confirmed that the bacteria was indeed something quite interesting. "What we see is the bacteria releasing a toxin. That toxin then causes the cellular structure of the algae to denature into an organic soup of carbohydrates and proteins, which the bacteria then utilize for their own needs. At this moment in time, we are still studying the bacteria and its interactions with the algae. But I do know for sure that this is a monumental discovery: a beautifully gift-wrapped organism that will help us to understand what has survived in the debris field, and how likely it is to thrive," said Tanvien Peiric.

Quarantines have been put in place, I-RCN has been told, due to the unknown nature of the bacteria. "Just typical procedures out of an abundance of caution. Once we know more, perhaps we will be able to allow for more research divisions to get their hands on this exciting organism," Dr. Aneozomi said.

There are still others who demand that Project Einzenhi cease their operation. "We have no idea where this came from. Drifters could have left it behind, for all we know. But we need to stop messing with it. Some things are best left alone. Who knows what it's capable of?" cited an anonymous source we interviewed privately.

Research into the bacteria is said to continue and will be the prime attention of I-RTI.

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