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Over the course of the past three months, sources have reported that I-RED has been in talks with an unknown third party regarding a private contract. Followed by a public post by CFO Julianni Avala at the end of March, in which the CFO confirmed a return from a trade mission, I-RCN was given a small glimpse into what I-RED has been up to.


“While I can’t comment on the details of the private contract, I can confirm that I-RED is working closely with a third party to expand on fair trade within other areas of Syndicate,” CFO Avala stated. “We are proud to work alongside this third party and look forward to the future between our organizations, that we may both benefit from what we have shaped together.”


Products publicly sold by I-RED include Miniature Electronics, Microfiber Shielding, Silicate Glass, and Transmitters. However, an anonymous source stated that none of these products are involved in the private contract, and instead suggested that I-RED’s new private contract includes Transcranial Microcontrollers.


Transcranial Microcontrollers are a controversial product indeed, having been used in a deal between the Ishukone Corporation and the Khanid Kingdom. It was well known that the chips were likely to be used for slaves, leading to a number of critics against Ishukone and a public statement by then CEO Otro Gariushi. “Despite the use in slaves, these chips have also been known to be customized for use in the general public from helping catatonics regain consciousness, to even aiding people in the fight against depression,” said Dr. Emiri Aneozomi when asked of the chips. “We often find new uses for the chips to help better people’s lives, and it is my hope that, in the future, these chips will be looked at in a more positive light.”


No confirmations have been made as to if the chips are a part of the private contract or not. When asked, CFO Julianni Avala declined to comment.

Koren Akko • YC120.04.24

Private Contract Secured; I-RED Bolsters Syndicate Trade

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