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I-RED Subsidiary Confirmed A Victim In Cabarosa Cyber Attack

Taigeru Beldeia • YC120.04.21

Intaki, Placid - The mysterious group which identifies itself as the Cabarosa has unleashed a spate of new cyber attacks against corporate and government entities in Placid. Among the victims in this most recent wave of attacks, which comes after a period of relative silence from the Cabarosa, is I-RED subsidiary Myoka Galactic™. The corporation has provided a press release as of a few hours ago, and is working with I-RED to protect its assets both in and out of cyberspace.

"Myoka Galactic™ databanks have been specifically targeted in a particular way", the press release stated. "We have reason to believe that information regarding factory sites which produce interstellar shuttles, along with the schedules for such production, have been accessed by the Cabarosa. For what purpose these data may serve for the group remains unclear, but Myoka is working in tandem with I-RED and its security partners to protect our assets and employees."

The specific details about what exactly is being undertaken by I-RED and its security contractors to protect Myoka have not been released. Questions regarding such details were declined in a short public briefing of the situation.

This most recent cyberattack affected at least a dozen other corporations or government entities in Placid. Some of the same victims from the previous spate of attacks have been observed. Most notable among them being FedMart.

Interestingly, Aliastra has also been hit by the Cabarosa this time around. Aliastra reported in their own press release that the attack was aimed at securing dossiers of its employees which included sensitive information related to demographics. What exactly the Cabarosa intend to do with this information remains unclear. The company has attempted to assuage fears among its employees, and has enlisted the help of the Gallente Police Department to assist with security efforts.

Meanwhile, the ongoing GPD investigation into the Cabarosa, who they are, and what their capabilities may be has not turned up any fruitful results. I-RCN has reached out for comment, but GPD representatives have yet to get respond.

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