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Child Trafficking Ring Shut Down By I-RED Forces

Taigeru Beldeia • YC120.04.15

Harroule, Placid - A sizable outpost responsible for child trafficking in the area was dismantled by an I-RED taskforce led by Revenent Defense Corporation Vice-Admiral Korbin Lavius. RDC, I-RED's primary security contractor, spearheaded the planning and intelligence efforts which led up to the bust. The collection of suspects behind the operation are believed to have ties to the Angel Cartel and Serpentis Corporation, although RDC has not confirmed these claims. There was a mercenary defense force present at the time of the assault, but the defending fleet of the outpost was quickly dispatched by the overwhelming I-RED taskforce.

"We intend to send a very clear message to low-life scum who engage in human trafficking operations of any kind", stated Vice-Admiral Lavius in a press briefing following the successful operation. "Our agents and the resources at our disposal are among the best around. If you partake in these sickly crimes, we will find you."

RDC, in addition to employing their own investigative agents, also have a contract with the Hyasyoda's Corporate Police Force. The CPF has a strong reputation as being the best intelligence and espionage agency in the Caldari State. Vice-Admiral went on to commend the teamwork that led to a successful operation.

"We first noticed something odd when independent transports ferrying refugees were arriving to I-RED facilities with missing persons from the passenger dossiers", elaborated Lavius. "Upon further investigation, we determined that there was a pattern among the demographics of those missing - children and teens from refugee families or families in poverty escaping from Placid colonies."

RDC claims to have alerted the Intaki Assembly about the concerns. With tips from the Assembly, they were able to narrow down a possible location of trafficking in the system of Harroule. The location of the outpost was hidden in an unmarked asteroid belt. It was discovered thanks to scouting efforts by frigates dispatched by the Intaki Assembly. Although no official comment has been given by the Intaki Assembly, I-RCN has received word from a secretary that the Assembly "offers its many thanks for the hard work of I-RED and their allies."

"Once again I reiterate that I-RED remains committed to the Intaki people", stated I-RED Executor Alex Hinkelmann. "These atrocious crimes were being committed right at our front door essentially. It was through teamwork between Caldari and Intaki that we were able to shut down this trafficking ring. The children who we recovered are currently receiving behavioral and medical treatment from Kovonen Hospital aboard the Tuulinen Observatory. Upon completion of their treatment I-RED will make every effort possible to reunite them with their families."

Survivors of the assault who are suspects in perpetuating the trafficking operations are currently being detained and questioned by RDC. Both RDC and I-RED declined to comment on the ultimate fate of these individuals.

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