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I-RED Forces Remain On High Alert In MK7-AO Constellation

Selenna Solange • YC120.03.24

XS-XAY, Syndicate - I-RED forces have been on high alert with the recent Sansha's Nation incursion in the MK7-AO constellation of Syndicate, the primary operating location of I-RED in the region. During the initial stages of the incursion, I-RED directorship halted all non-military transports to and from I-RED facilities in the constellation. All I-RED facilities are currently under a state of martial law. The colony of Utpattia in A-3ES3 is also under martial law as ordered by its primary security contractor, the Revenent Defense Corporation.

I-RED Executor Alex Hinkelmann ordered a temporary suspension of I-RED security contracts with companies in the region. The Enforcer vessels normally reserved for such contracts have since been recalled to patrol I-RED infrastructure in the constellation until further notice. Capital vessels are reportedly on standby should any significant threat to I-RED facilities arise. The IRV Gariushi-Oriki, a Leviathan-class Titan, has been temporarily pulled from reserve, and is assigned a protection role for the colony of Utpattia.

The Ishukone Corporation also approved a request from I-RED to supply them with military personnel and security assets on loan. Shipments of such personnel and supplies have been steadily trickling in from the Ishukone station in 98Q-8O.

All the while, I-RED has been cooperating with local security forces to deter Sansha's forces. I-RED has entered an agreement with the Intaki Space Police to render aid when requested. Already there have been numerous instances where Enforcer vessels have provided additional security or assistance to the ISP. Some security analysts do not predict I-RED infrastructure or local stations to be at risk from the incursion.

"Nation incursions generally follow a similar pattern", reported one analyst. "This threat will most likely roll over with no serious damage being done to core infrastructure belonging to I-RED or any of the local corporations."

Regardless, the I-RED Directorship is clearly not taking any risks. And while core infrastructure in the constellation may not have anything to worry about, the same cannot be said for minor and outlying outposts dispersed throughout the area.

"It is with deep regret that I confirm the fact that five civilian outposts have been overrun by Nation forces in the systems of 5-75MB, IIRH-G, and MXYS-8", announced I-RED Director Roirdan Bouchate in a public statement. "These outposts were composed of dozens of thousands of brave and innocent people who wanted to make a life for themselves out in the frontier. They were families, friends, and neighbors. Their presence will be sorely missed, and they were valuable trade partners for I-RED and the local communities. I-RED will continue to try our best to assist where and when we can, and the Intaki Space Police is doing admirably what they can given the sheer odds they are facing."

It is not known yet just how many civilian outposts and other outlying facilities have been attacked and overrun by Sansha's Nation. I-RCN will continue to provide updates as the incursion continues. Brief interruptions may be present locally due to disruption from Sansha forces.

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