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Quafe Issues Recall Over Tainted Batch Of Product

Selenna Solange • YC120.03.04

UM-Q7F, Syndicate - A considerable shipment of product from the UM-Q7F Quafe Company Factory has been recalled due to contamination from a potent bacterial pathogen. Quafe officials have mentioned that an internal investigation revealed a sick employee part of the batch production team accidentally contaminated the product by droplet contact from his sneezes and coughs. Shipments of the contaminated batch have affected numerous stations in Syndicate, including I-RED's Tuulinen Observatory and Oriki Commercial Center.

When word broke of the recall, I-RED officials were quick to release a public statement regarding the incident. Among the details included in the statement, I-RED "assures our valued guests, visitors, employees, and residents, that Health and Safety taskforces are working diligently to ensure the bacterial pathogen does not infect anyone." In the meantime, I-RED encourages residents aboard the affected facilities to not consume Quafe products for the time being.

Quafe competitor Starsi™ has seized the latest Quafe hiccup to introduce a new ad in the region of Syndicate. Some critics have ostracized the move as one being of poor taste. The ad depicts an ethnic Intaki taking a sip from a bottle of Starsi™. The picture is captioned with the classic catchphrase "Starsi™. Tastes like revenge!", but also with "And it also won't make you sick!" in small print.

Quafe officials have yet to respond to the new ad from their intergalactic competitor. For now, no illnesses due to the tainted Quafe has been reported aboard either I-RED Citadel.

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