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Myoka Galactic­™ Opens First Dealer In Empire Space

Jochi Ssima • YC120.02.23

Tash-Murkon Prime, Tash-Murkon - Prominent terrestrial land vehicle and interplanetary shuttle manufacturer Myoka Galactic™ confirmed in a press release today that they would be opening a dealership in the system of Tash-Murkon. The hub will be their first attempt at breaking into the Amarr Empire market. Some analysts have lauded the move as a smart initiative given the recent changes in Empire politics, while critics have argued that the company's current line of vehicles won't appeal to or satisfy the Amarr.

Norrick Claude, the company CEO, eagerly stated, "We understand fully well the concerns of some of our critics. However, we have a fantastic team of executives and managers whom I fully entrust to make this venture successful for our company. After all, Myoka has a formidable reputation which I'm sure the locals will find out to be well deserved."

The company also unveiled today two new models of vehicles, one hovercar and one conventional automobile. These new models, dubbed the Sheik and Qalanda, respectively, will only be produced and sold in Empire space. Reception from vehicle enthusiasts has been mostly positive.

Completion of the dealership which will offer Myoka Galactic™ vehicles and offer mechanical servicing is expected to be completed in late May of this year. The hub will be on Tash-Murkon Prime, as part of a deal struck between the company and a Holder loyal to the Tash-Murkon family.

For now, pre-orders of the Sheik and Qalanda have been open since their unveiling. Already the company reports that orders have been made in the thousands, although an exact number has not been released. When asked if the company will also produce shuttles at the Tash-Murkon hub, they simply responded with "it is a possibility in the future."

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