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Strange Entity Threatens Cyber Security In Placid

Taigeru Beldeia • YC120.02.21

Intaki, Placid - A new threat to cyber security surfaced recently in the form of the mysterious "Cabarosa." The group has put out threats of illegal data hacking against numerous corporate and government entities in the region of Placid - the majority of which claim loyalty or affiliation to the Gallente Federation. It has already succeeded in hacking and disseminating private data from a number of Gallente corporations, among them FedMart.

A spokesperson from the Intaki Assembly was quick to point out the Assembly's concern for this new cyber threat, and claimed that the Intaki government is conducting an investigation alongside the Gallente Police Department. No comment on the matter has been provided to I-RCN by the GPD.

Meanwhile, Caldari contractors in Intaki have also expressed concern over the Cabarosa and their capabilities. In a joint press statement released by Ishukone and Mordu's Legion, both groups "deny any and all involvement or connection with the Cabarosa", and are hard at work conducting their own investigations into the mysterious group.

For its part, the I-RED Board of Directors has discussed the matter and deemed it appropriate to fortify their cyber assets in the region, as well as increase the frequency of routine security maintenance.

"These measures are only temporary", stated an I-RED security analyst. "At least until we have a better idea as to who the 'Cabarosa' are and what it is they want."

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