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Interview With Makoto Priano On SeyCon And More

Selenna Solange • YC120.01.19

6-U2M8, Syndicate - Yesterday I-RCN was able to secure an interview with Arataka Research Consortium founder Makoto Priano. The following is a full transcript of the interview, which took place via holographic connection.


Solange: "SeyCon conferences have, in the past, taken place in various locations around the cluster. What have been the reasons to host the conference in Eram this year?"

Priano: "Historically, SeyCon has taken place in the Seyllin system. We've been taking a somewhat more expansive view, though. Seyllin was a remarkable tragedy, but I think we'd all agree that the developments sense have been of truly interstellar importance. We decided to place it in Eram this year both as an acknowledgment of the historical importance of Arek'jalaan, and also as it is the seat of our trinary resequencing project. I like to believe that T-DART has the potential to be a momentous advancement in our understanding of Sleeper and Drifter data systems."

Solange: "I see. That makes sense. Even to this day, the research brought about by Arek'jalaan has left an impact in many scientific circles. And, in my own humble opinion, I too would certainly hope that T-DART can put forth valuable scientific data for the entire cluster!"

Priano: "That's the hope. I'm just hoping we can make progress without risk of SARO breaking down the door." [has small laugh before she sips her coffee, awaiting the next question]

Solange: [chuckles as well; she looks down at her notepad then returns her gaze to Makoto] "As the date quickly approaches, what sorts of thoughts and feelings have been running through your mind?"

Priano: "Mostly, I'm wondering how the presentations will go! As always, presenters have provided an abstract of what they wish to present, but we leave the meat of it to them. Mr. Huit's presentation on signature and probe mechanics is likely to be fascinating, but I don't actually know much beyond that he's formalizing Capsuleer usage and looking for ideal methodologies for exploration."

Solange: "Mhm, very straight to business I see!" [smiles amiably]

Priano: "Well, you know how it is. We've done all we can to this point. All that's left is to see how it falls out. Security's tight, the structure's secure, the research is about as far as it will get before the weekend..."

Solange: [moves onto the next question] "What is your ultimate hope for SeyCon? Things you hope the conference will achieve or engender?"

Priano: [she sits back a bit, and sips at the coffee] " be honest, conferences themselves don't necessarily do much. It's the presenters, the attendees who can make a difference. Our hope is that we can encourage further discourse, inspire additional scientific work, and possibly find additional paths of research. And, along the way, we can see how far we've come since our last conference, and how far we need to go yet."

Solange: [nods in agreement] "All very noble aspirations, certainly. I'm sure for many events like SeyCon achieve just that, be they capsuleer or not."

Priano: "Indeed."

Solange: [looks down at her notepad once more; she leans in towards Makoto as she speaks] "On the topic of the Drifter Crisis, do you feel that major authorities around the cluster have been doing enough to handle the issue? What more can be done?"

Priano: "The unfortunate issue is that we don't know what is being done. Pharos of Thera claims that the DED is attempting to develop anti-Drifter technology, but-- if so, what is it? How does it work? Will it be distributed to the empires? What more have they learned that they're not telling? I'm certain that there are on-going research efforts, but we don't know what they are, how they are proceeding, and so we're unable to know where to best place our own efforts. This isn't helped by the hegemonic tendencies of CONCORD officials, who would rather have Capsuleers throw any material they acquire into the nearest star, or else seized by CONCORD. Unfortunately, after Operation Spectre, and with the complete absence of any non-Sisters or non-Capsuleer presence in Drifter systems, I am uncertain of CONCORD's progress or capability on this front."

Solange: [nods and 'mhms' as Makoto speaks; finally, when she is done, she offers comment] "All these are true. Speaking briefly on behalf of I-RED, we too have wondered what officials of the State are doing, if anything at all, in regards to the Drifter threat. And recent history of CONCORD dealings with capsuleers has certainly been...rocky, if anything."

Priano: "There is much to be gained with a diplomatic approach. While Ms. Valate isn't necessarily one to negotiate in good faith, I'm sure others would have been-- if they had been contacted before a SARO strike team appeared." A sigh, an indicative gesture. That said, research is on-going. Fortunately, IKAME's working relationship with Zainou affords us at least some access on the infomorph psychology component, and novel emergent systems. At the same time, it's an on-going area of research. I wouldn't be surprised if we continued to see technological developments over the next several years, whether hull- or equipment-level."

Solange: [nods in understanding; she continues] "The area of biotech research in Zainou is almost sure to afford all of us with interesting developments within the forseeable future, I'm sure. In this aspect, maintaining good relations with our parent corporations and nation is valuable."

Priano: "Quite so. And Zainou's work on cybernetics and infomorph structure are also immediately relevant. Consider that Zainou was the home of the first successful infomorph digitization in the Cluster, before we were even aware of Anoikis infomorph culture. But we digress."

Solange: [nods] "I would like to close out this interview with one final question - Can you give us some quick insights into what sorts of projects ARC has been focused on these past few months? A general overview, if you will."

Priano: "Well, a lot of this will be covered starting on Saturday! Our primary project at present is T-DART and CTR reconstruction and simulation. At the same time, there are background projects on Drifter hardware analysis, cybernetics and antipharmakon analysis, and of course research into the Drifters' spacetime manipulation and wormhole stabilization technology. I know now there are limits even to what they can do, and now we need to determine how we get from here to there."

Solange: [nods and smiles] "Well, then we certainly all look forward to learning more about all these fascinating projects!"

Priano: "Glad to hear it. And, of course, I do hope you'll make it to Eram for the conference. While we're hoping there won't be any conflagrations on stage, there should at least be some fireworks." [smiles as she finishes her coffee]

Solange: [chuckles] "Ms. Priano, thank you again for taking the time out of your evening for this interview. It has truly been a pleasure."

Priano: "And a pleasure in turn, Ms. Solange. Until next time." [rises, and nods to Solange]

Solange: [rises and offers a quick bow] "Until next time. Moitte."

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