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I-RED Allies Succeed In Removing Hoi Andrapodistai Astrahus

Jochi Ssima • YC120.01.15

Mehatoor, Devoid - A number of hours ago, an assembled fleet of primarily Raven-class battleships operated by a small coalition of I-RED allies, among them being ARC, PIE, and SFRIM, succeeded in destroying an Astrahus-class Citadel operated by the infamous Nauplius (also known as "The Butcher"). Due to a number of factors, including the tending to a rapidly growing colony in Syndicate, I-RED was unable to render assistance in the engagement.

I-RCN have not been able to determine any loss of assets or life by the allied fleet. In all respects, the operation seemed to be a resounding success.

It is also worth mentioning that a taskforce from noted Purity of the Throne movement supporters was also present on field. The force consisted of two Tormentor-class frigates and one Sigil-class transport. This force warped down to the Astrahus in its final moments reportedly to retrieve any survivors of the incident. However, the force met their doom by PIE members on grid, and slaves aboard the Sigil were rescued from the wreckage.

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