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A-3ES3, Syndicate - In recent weeks, there has been a spike of Intaki from the Gallente Federation moving to the rapidly growing Utpattia colony. The colony, a corporate sponsored effort, is the first of its kind on such a grand scale in the region of Syndicate. Demographic data reveals the majority of incoming Intaki are from various Placid colonies. Given I-RED's longstanding history with operations in the Placid region, this comes as no surprise.

"My family is well aware of I-RED's favorable reputation with Placid Intaki", commented bank worker Amala Lagarhi, who has emigrated to the colony with her family. "I often handled interactions with I-RED during their tenure in Intaki some years ago, and I recall nothing but respect and grace from their organization. When we heard about the colony development here in Syndicate, we knew we just had to move out here."

Dozens of thousands of immigrants have taken the Atlas Space Transit System elevator down to settle either in Atlas or Cloudfront - the colony's two cities. The vast majority have opted to settle on Atlas, however. With the rapid growth of the terrestrial city, there are plenty of opportunities to snag up a lucrative job. Many companies from all over Syndicate and the Federation are rushing to acquire good infrastructure for their branches in the colony. I-RED, and by association Ishukone, remain the only Caldari entities to have a presence on the colony.

While I-RED maintains up-to-date demographic data on the colony and its cities, an official census is not set to take place until the last day of this month. The results are expected to reflect a predominantly Intaki population, with hefty sizes of Caldari and Gallente subgroups.

Meanwhile, an election process is underway for Atlas which will establish a city council. Similarly, the election results are expected to be released on the final day of this month. New residents are encouraged to register as a citizen of the colony and submit their votes for city leadership.

Selenna Solange • YC120.01.14

Influx Of Federation Intaki Immigrants To Utpattia Colony

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