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A-3ES3, Syndicate - On the morning of New Year's Eve, the I-RED Directorship made a short-notice announcement that the leadership of I-RED would join the residents of Atlas, the first public colony on a terrestrial world in Syndicate, in celebration of the new year. The I-RED Board of Directors along with prominent capsuleers from I-RED's various allies took the Atlas Space Transit System down to the surface of the planet. Festivities were held in Marpiko Grand Park.

"On this last eve of YC 119, we would like to spend it with the people of Atlas - a proud majority of which are Intaki. Let the ongoing construction of this city be a reminder of the birthright of the Intaki people", Revenent Defence Corporation Vice-Admiral Korbin Lavius began in a speech which preceded a night of performances. "This city is your city. This land is your land. These planets are your planets. Let no foreign oppressor ever tell you otherwise. The Caldari people know all too well the struggles of our Intaki neighbors, and we stand committed to support their right to independence."

Revenent Defence Corporation, a long-time security partner of I-RED, has a five-year security contract with the city of Atlas. The contract lists Vice-Admiral Lavius as the Chief of Security for the city.

Following the opening address by Vice-Admiral Lavius, a slew of festive performances commenced. I-RED's very own Selenna Solange, formerly known as the Syndicate singer Scarlet, also took to the stage. At the hour of the new year, an intricate display of fireworks lit up the chilly night sky over Atlas. Fireworks stemming far above the surface near the Tash-Murkon Shipyard were also visible.

The fireworks display finished off with a bang as an array was fixed onto the ASTS elevator which stopped high over the city and unleashed a dazzling light show.

Taigeru Beldeia • YC120.01.01

I-RED Directorship Rings In New Year With Atlas Residents

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