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Poitot, Syndicate - Prominent Syndicate fashion designer, Rudy "Roo" Porteau, caused quite a stir over the weekend for comments he made via the GalNet social media site, Peeper™. He scoffed at the return of Fabuleux, and Fabuleux's followers were quick to chastise the Syndicate fashion designer. Naturally, Roo's own followers retaliated back, leading to back-and-forth vitriol on the social media platform.

Roo's peep, which has since been deleted from his Peeper™ feed, read, "Psh, Fabuleux is back?? The fashion industry will suffer over it, surely :eye_roll:".

Roo later tried to explain his remarks with debatable success, "What I mean is, and lets be honest, his products lately have been less than stellar. Plus, his demeanor brings triviality to the fashion industry. I mean, who refers to themselves in the third person? Get real!"

I-RCN tried reaching out to Roo's publicist for comment, but has not received word back. Fabuleux has recently stated on the Intergalactic Summit that he intends to retake the reigns of his fashion brand, Fabuleux Trends, to "ensure new designs will arrive soon." And while certainly some people in the industry turn their heads to the side at his return, others seem to welcome back his presence with open arms.

Taigeru Beldeia • YC120.05.04

Syndicate Fashion Designer Receives Flak For Fabuleux Comments

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