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Notable Increase In I-RED Commercial Products Across Syndicate

Koren Akko • YC120.01.17

98Q-8O, Syndicate - Economic data from recent months has revealed a not too surprising trend - the rise of consumption from I-RED brand products. From something as mundane as IshuFlakes cereal to more complex products such as Myoka Galactic™ terrestrial vehicles, a broad range of products under the I-RED brand have seen steady rise in consumption from the local markets. I-RED financial experts seem pleased with these trends, and hope to see them continue.

"Our marketing approach is very strategic and methodical", said Ishukone-Raata Corporate Investment Bank employee Davin Qumera. Mr. Qumera has worked with I-RCB for well over five years now, and acts as a manager for a branch in the Ishukone station within the system of 98Q-8O. "We employ a diverse set of employees who bring to the table a profound range of varied experiences, talents, and skills. It is a great team to be a part of, and I am glad to see the hard work paying off."

While I-RED brand products have been on the rise throughout the entire region of Syndicate, these increases are most prevalent in the JQV5-9 and MK7-AO constellations, otherwise known as the 98Q "superpocket." Marketing strategies have been most aggressive in these constellations due to the fact that I-RED operates primarily out of these systems. Local businesses have noticed the powerful competitor, and many have stepped up marketing techniques of their own.

"A lot of business owners will tell you different things about the I-RED investment in the pocket", stated Solal Fouretaine, a local grocery store chain manager. "Personally, I welcome the new market competition. I notice, for my employees at least, it has sparked a new fire of dedication and effort among them. 'Course, some other businesses haven't been so lucky."

Mr. Fouretaine is correct. A number of local companies have gone out of business due to the surge of presence of I-RED. Locals have mixed feelings about this. A survey conducted by I-RCN reveals that favorability towards the I-RED presence in the economy strongly depends on what station one resides on. Given the autonomy granted to stations based in Syndicate, diplomacy with each station is like engaging with a new city-state. Although this has proven difficult and challenging to navigate at times, I-RED diplomatic staff have managed to foster positive relations with many stations in the 98Q superpocket. However, there are a number of stations which do not see kindly to the invading I-RED presence, and a couple outright reject all interaction with I-RED.

Regardless, I-RED continues to prove itself as an economic force to be reckoned with in the region of Syndicate. For better or for worse, these economic trends only seem likely to perpetuate well into the foreseeable future.

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