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XS-XAY, Syndicate - The day after returning to work after the corporate holiday of Yoiul Festival, I-RED employees across all levels were greeted by a pleasant surprise - a special holiday bonus on top of their monthly paychecks. For many the holiday bonus came as a surprise, but it only served to reaffirm the holiday spirit and their dedication to I-RED.

"Following a relatively successful fiscal year, I was authorized to go ahead and plan this little gift to I-RED's hard-working and loyal employees", commented I-RED CFO Julianni Avala. "We here at I-RED follow our parent corporation's mantra - a happy employee is a productive employee", she joked.

"I can't say I'm too surprised", commented Gheru Vrajama, an Intaki accountant. "Every year I-RED leadership usually gives us some treat or another. An appreciated gesture nonetheless."

"Just one of the many reasons why I am glad to work for an Ishukone subsidiary versus other megas", said a Gallente technician in passing.

"I will admit I was a bit nervous working for a capsuleer entity rather than Ishukone directly", reflected Kuva Vironen, a Deteis office manager. "Capsuleers have a...certain reputation. But I am wholly happy with my choice to move out here from The Citadel. It is like I never left my corporate office on that Ishukone station."

As the year closes out, I-RED employees across all spectra seem devoted to finish off strong in order to start of YC120 with a bang.

Taigeru Beldeia • YC119.12.28

Surprise Yoiul Festival Gift For I-RED Employees

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