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For the first time since the beginning of the Project Einzenhi back in May of YC119, scientists have come forward publically to announce a new discovery.


“We are pleased to announce that we have discovered an unknown organism within the debris field of the shattered planet 35-RK9 I. There is still much to do as far as research into this organism is concerned, but right now we are confident enough in its discovery to make this exciting news public,” said Lead Researcher Emiri Aneozomi, I-RED’s Director of Research and Technology.


As featured in a previous story, Project Einzenhi seeks to study the Shattered Planet in the system of 35-RK9 for any changes. The planet is known as one of many that were affected in the Seyllin Incident in March of YC111.


Scientists throughout I-RTI’s research facilities have been abuzz with the news. “It’s certainly exciting to know that there is something going on with these shattered planets and makes one wonder if such things are happening at the others. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing the result of this!” said Taisha Yuivva, a junior baseliner researcher.


Others remain skeptical. When approached by our team with the news, one industrial officer had this to say: “Sure, some organism has been discovered, but what do we even know about it? What if it’s dangerous? And you can’t tell me they’re going to be public with everything they find about it. How else will they make a profit?”


Meanwhile, other directors of I-RED seem to share the enthusiasm of this discovery such as Julianni Avala, Head Diplomat and CFO. “This opens the doors to a great many new possibilities both in the world of science, and even potential further collaboration with some of our allies. I will be personally making a visit to see this organism for myself and learn about our next steps from our team.”


The future of the project and the organism remains to be seen, but with how vibrant the research facilities seem within I-RED, it’s certain to keep people busy for many months or even years to come.

Koren Akko • YC119.12.27

I-RTI Project Einzenhi Secures Discovery

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