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6-U2M8, Syndicate - Financial officials of I-RED are predicting holiday shoppers to reach their maximum spending amounts this weekend as the Yoiul festivities quickly approach. Here aboard the Oriki Commercial Center, retail stores have been struggling to keep up with the voracious demand for goods. Many store chains have had to double up on incoming shipments of goods. Docking fees have been put in place to ensure that valuable space isn't taken up by idle transports.

"There are always last minute Yoiul shoppers", commented one I-RED financial expert. "Many times they are so desperate to buy gifts for their friends and loved ones that they don't mind splurging valuable kredits to ensure they are prepared for the holiday. Bad for their wallets, but good for the economy."

The 6-U2M8 Astrahus isn't the only I-RED facility where residents are spending heavy kredits on gifts and goods. The same trends can be seen across all I-RED facilities in the Syndicate region, but they are most pronounced aboard the heavily populated Oriki Commercial Center.

I-RED Director of Public Works, Roirdan Bouchate, had this to say when questioned by our team, "ah, the Yoiul Festival marks a wonderful time of year for us here at I-RED. We are reminded of the importance of family, friends, and allies. And all the while our economic activity soars! Good things all around, surely."

The Concourse management team is reporting heavy levels of foot traffic throughout the sprawling megamall. The management is predicting, and preparing, for even more as the weekend closes in.

Koren Akko • YC119.12.19

Holiday Shopping Looks To Max This Weekend

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