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Ekid, Domain - A shipment of transcranial microcontrollers from I-RED subsidiary Integrated Health Systems, Ltd. was seized today by the Ekid V customs offices. Word of the incident spread like wildfire in the local area. The size of the shipment that was put on hold for further inspection warranted immediate action from I-RED command, who were unable to stifle tabloids and rumors surrounding the nature of the seizure.

"Upon further inspection by Amarr Customs, it was determined that a sizable portion of the IHS shipment was contaminated with walnut dust", a joint I-RED and IHS public release stated. "IHS will be conducting its own internal investigation into the matter in order to determine how this occurred. I-RED considers the matter closed and business as usual will continue."

Theories as to how the shipment was contaminated with walnut dust are abundant.

"It could be simply due to the fact that the third-party transport IHS hired to deliver the goods was careless in handling our shipment and caused this whole debacle to ensue", said one IHS employee.

Another more grim theory suggests that the shipment was instead contaminated on purpose by saboteurs.

Whatever the truth behind the incident, a full report is expected to be completed within the coming days.

Jochi Ssima • YC119.12.18

I-RED Subsidiary Planetary Cargo Seized By Amarr Customs

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