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98Q-8O, Intaki Syndicate - Moon 4 - Ishukone Corporation Factory 


This morning at 07:30 the Ishukone-Raata Enforcement Directive announced in a brief statement that they were to host the Second Annual SynCon Summit.

"The Summit had seen a delay due to a large sum of idle shares, released by a departing partner in the SSI [Syndicate Stability Initiative], and the staff overseeing thought it necessary to fill another seat or two at the shareholders table." explained the current Executor Alexandre Hinkelmann in his remarks. "Things will move quickly now that we've seen those objectives filled."

Like the earlier Summit, it is expected to be hosted in the new year, on January 7th. The gathering will again see subjects ranging from security measures, presentations on the initiatives progress, to current and future investments in regards to the Syndicate Stability Initiative II©.

Pledge investors and prospecting members of the open community who have a interest in attending can do so for a reduced fee of 5,000,000.00 ISK. However, as expected, this requirement will not apply to current shareholders, who will gain free admittance.

The SynCon Summit is expected to begin at 22:00 EvE standard time, January 7th YC120 at the Ishuk-Raata Offices in the 98Q-8O Solar System. We've been told that safe, reliable transport has been arranged on behalf of Syndicate Company Tours™ to all participants.

Koren Akko • YC119.12.13

Second Annual SynCon Summit Announced

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