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Poitot- During a long process of construction and organization, the recently reported Club 66 has faced a large setback. Rumours first began to circulate of a workplace related accident within the social club, before the Yvonne Ganteau, previous owner, finally announced the reality of the situation.


“Unfortunately, we have had a terrible accident when installing the balcony of Club 66. Currently, one construction worker has passed away and two are in serious condition,” Miss Ganteau stated publicly. “We will comply fully with workplace safety investigations, and send our condolences to the family and friends affected by this.”


In related news, the passing of ownership of Club 66 from Yvonne Ganteau to an unknown person has been confirmed. No press release has been made at this time regarding the change of hands of ownership. It is also unknown as to if this change of ownership is as a result of the accident.


When asked on the opening date of Club 66, Miss Ganteau confirmed that it will be put on hold until the investigation has been handled.

Koren Akko • YC119.12.11

Accident Sets Back Club 66 Opening

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