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XS-XAY - "Illegal" planetary colonies on Syndicate worlds are scattered throughout the region. Despite the Federal ban on the settlement of worlds by the Intaki Syndicate, many brave settlers have established humble colonies on them regardless. However, because of threats from the much larger Federation, many of these colonies do not enjoy support from the Syndicate. As a result, quite a few remain unable to provide a high quality-of-life for their inhabitants.

One such colony, located on the verdant world of XS-XAY IV, is one of those colonies. Earlier this week, a devastating and powerful superstorm barreled through the ill equipped colony. Much of the colony's infrastructure was heavily damaged, and their medical resources were overwhelmed. I-RED forces picked up a distress signal and responded. The next day, a relief convoy was dispatched into low orbit. The convoy was commanded by RDC pilot Korbin Lavius who was operating a Chimera-class carrier.

I-RED provided much needed medical supplies, infrastructure development tools, and food and water. After consulting with the colony's officials, it was deemed appropriate to also leave behind a contingent of I-RED security personnel to assist with recovery operations. A team of I-RED Engineering Corps was also stationed to assist with rebuilding tasks.

Rumors are abound that I-RED may officially annex the colony under its supervision - a move which would likely only prove beneficial for the colony and its people.

Selenna Solange • YC119.11.11

I-RED Delivers Aid Following Terrestrial Superstorm

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