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Amarr - I-RED biotech subsidiary Integrated Health Systems, Ltd. has successfully negotiated a 2-year contract with the Imperial Navy to supply certain cybernetic augmentations and medical transcranial microcontrollers for wounded veterans. The contract bid battle was fierce among prominent biotech companies, but IHS CEO Ku Mayaseki came out on top.

I-RED has always maintained firm connections with the Amarr Empire. However, neither I-RED nor its subsidiaries has ever held a formal business contract with mainline Empire entities. Thus, this successful business contract marks the first time I-RED works with the Empire through formal relations.

I-RED Executor Alex Hinkelmann seemed to express optimism and satisfaction in a brief press interview alongside Mayaseki. "This contract was a positive step in the right direction for I-RED and its Imperial allies. I-RED is preparing to deliver outstanding business with the Imperial Navy."

Following the conclusion of the press conference, a fleet of I-RED transports with heavy escort was seen departing the Ishukone headquarters in Malkalen and seen traveling to the Empire.

Jochi Ssima • YC119.11.11

I-RED Subsidiary Secures Contract with Amarr

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