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Local Station Executive Dies from Overdose

Selenna Solange • YC119.10.19

IIRH-G - The chief of staff for the Intaki Space Police station in the system of IIRH-G has been confirmed to have died from a drug overdose. The station executive, Nouram Vijamma, reportedly had a history of drug abuse and addiction, but was never relieved of his duties. He was found dead in the bathtub of a hotel aboard the station with packets of crash dispersed throughout the room.

A brief station-wide broadcast stated that there would be a private funeral for Vijamma. However, no further details have been released. Neither has it been stated that what will become of the now vacant position for chief of staff aboard the station. It is presumed that a replacement is already underway.

Drug related deaths in Syndicate are not uncommon. Typically occurring in areas or among populations with lower socio-economic status, there always remains certain high-profile individuals who either directly or indirectly reveal their struggles with addiction. Fighting to reduce the amount of drug-related deaths is, however, a challenge given the strong influence of Serpentis within the region.

Due to the autonomous nature of each station within the region, some stations have opted to form closer ties to the Serpentis Corporation. Interestingly enough, it is typically these stations which feature a lower rate of drug-related deaths compared to those stations that do not cooperate closely with Sarpati and his forces. Previous investigations into the baffling statistics seem to point to narcotics flooding into the non-cooperative stations in an effort to cause drug epidemics as punishment for their unwillingness to allow Serpentis influence aboard such facilities.

Within the 98Q superpocket, however, I-RED has fought vehemently to reduce the frequency of these malevolent business tactics. By establishing positive relations with many of the local stations in the pocket, many have experienced positive economic and social outcomes with the reduction or complete removal of Serpentis influence. Furthermore, death rates due to drugs has also significantly decreased thanks to an influx of top-quality medical supplies provided by I-RED and its subsidiaries, such as Integrated Health Systems, Ltd.

I-RED and its subsidiaries also offer a number of rehabilitation programs. A recent 6 month study sponsored by the Ishukone-Raata Technological Research Institute demonstrated significant positive outcomes for the participants of some of these rehab programs. The prices vary according to different programs, but residents aboard I-RED facilities enjoy a discount for these services. Meanwhile, employees have access to them free of cost through their employment health plans.

I-RCN has yet to receive a response from Intaki Space Police officials regarding the situation.

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