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6-U2M8 - An analysis of sales within the 98Q "superpocket", a region of space consisting of the MK7-AO and JQV5-9 constellations, for the most recent quarter show an interesting trend among interstellar soft drink popularities. There has been a recent surge of Starsi™ sales within the past two financial quarters, with the most recent quarter indicating a spike of 35% increase in sales from the previous quarter - which itself had an increase of 19%.

Even after the introduction of Operation Grey Steel©, a project which focuses on promoting local economic and social prosperity by constructing Upwell structures, sales of Starsi™ remained humble compared to the hugely popular Quafe brands. This wasn't a shock given the region of Syndicate, as a whole, is fairly well established by the Quafe corporation. The presence of Starsi™ products in the region was minimal at best, mostly found either aboard Caldari stations in the region or on the black market.

Thus, the recent turnaround for Starsi™ products within the 98Q superpocket in particular has been rather interesting from a financial perspective. What could have caused this increase in consumption? What were the strategies employed?

Rumors have been circling around that Quafe executives are tempted to cry foul play, claiming that I-RED has secretly worked out a shady contract with Starsi™ producer Nugoeihuvi to heavily promote their product within the 98Q superpocket. These accusations have yet to be verified, but it seems the local populations aboard the various I-RED facilities don't seem to take any heed from such rumors.

"A shady business deal to overthrow the Gallente monopoly on the soft drink market?", commented one local youth. "Psh, whatever. I don't drink Starsi™ because of that. I drink it because it tastes like revenge!"

Koren Akko • YC119.10.17

Starsi™ Poised to Exceed Quafe Sales in 98Q Superpocket

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