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6-U2M8 - A short period of increased solar activity from the host star of 6-U2M8 has brought with it an unexpected delight for the residents of the Oriki Commercial Center. Visible clearly from the low-orbit, densely-populated Astrahus is a spectacular array of ongoing lightshows presented by the oceanic planet below.

The Ishukone-Raata Technological Research Institute used the opportunity to host a few public events related to auroras and other astronomical phenomena. Most of them were geared towards youth populations, with the hope of sparking curiosity about deep space.

"The auroras over the planet have been quite a lovely scene," commented one maintenance worker aboard the Oriki Commercial Center. "Nothing quite beats a long day of work only to look outside my window and be treated to such a display."

"My Ishukademy instructor let us out early to give us a lesson on the interplay between atmospheric composition and solar radiation," responded a young student. "It was awesome! And I love all the colors."

Residents and visitors of the Oriki Commercial Center can expect to see more auroras well into today's evening, local time.

Selenna Solange • YC119.10.09

Increased Solar Activity Triggers Aurora Spectacle

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