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M2-CF1 - While on investigation into the recent ambush on an I-RCB convoy, an I-RED Enforcer taskforce accompanied by members from the Revenent Defence Corporation stumbled upon a hidden outpost in the system of M2-CF1 set up and surrounded by Federal forces. A tense standoff ensued for one hour while heated diplomatic talks were engaged.

The investigation taskforce, at the time commanded by RDC Vice-Admiral Korbin Lavius, first noticed an unusual signature in the system that was not reported previously by a routine Enforcer patrol the day before. Upon scanning down the signature, the taskforce descended upon its location cautiously. After dropping out of warp, the taskforce was surprised to see that the recently established outpost was patrolled by Gallente Federation vessels.

Attempts at communication on behalf of the taskforce were not immediately answered. After continued repeated failures, Lavius fired off a warning shot in the vicinity of the Federation forces. A direct comms link was soon established between the heads of both parties.

It is said that the diplomatic talks between the two entities was heated, and the scene itself was tense. Both sides maneuvered their forces into offensive positions while the talks were ongoing. Eventually, however, an agreement was settled. An Intaki Syndicate envoy was requested to handle the situation, and took over talks with the Federal forces following the departure of the I-RED taskforce from the scene.

Rumors and leaks have been circulating that the outpost was established following the ambush on the I-RCB convoy. An unverified document obtained by I-RCN claims that the Federation erected the facility to monitor the area in order to identify if security forces need to be buffered along the Syndicate borders.

In a brief sighting of Lavius following the incident, reporters from various agencies swarmed around him to ask questions.

"The Federation has no jurisdiction or authority in Syndicate space", Lavius commented with clear anger and irritation. "The establishment of this outpost without the permission of the Syndicate is illegal, and violates interstellar law, I'm sure." As he prepared to board a transport, he calmly stated, "if the Federation pulls off stunts like this again, we will be forced to protect the interests of both I-RED and our Syndicate clients."

Selenna Solange • YC119.10.05

Standoff Between Federation and I-RED Forces

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