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Y9G-KS - Yesterday evening, a small I-RCB convoy was ambushed in the system of Y9G-KS in Syndicate, bordering Solitude. The convoy included two Tayra-class transports ferrying corporate scrip, and was escorted by a taskforce of Enforcer frigates and cruisers. The identity of the attackers remains unclear at this time, however video logs seem to indicate a sizable force of unknown and advanced fighters.

It was supposed to be a routine transfer of currency. This route had been utilized many times prior by I-RCB forces for this purpose. However, as fate would have it, this was not the case.

Korbin Lavius of the Revenent Defence Corporation, a security contractor of I-RED, noted earlier today, "Ascertaining the identity of these attackers is proving rather difficult, given the fact that the entire I-RCB fleet was targeted with numerous EMP and communications-interfering devices." He continued, "The brief footage we have of the ambushers warrants concern. Add on to the fact that the force of what appears to be fighters seemed to easily overwhelm the taskforce of frigates and cruisers. We are currently working with Ishukone Watch on investigating the matter."

A response fleet rushed over to the last known location of the I-RCB convoy, only to find smoldering wrecks of the defense taskforce, and the scrip-carrying transports missing. Survivors were pulled from the wreckages and transported to a nearby medical facility.

Alex Hinkelmann, Executor of I-RED and CEO of I-RCB, had this to say following Lavius' remarks, "All transport operations from I-RCB are suspended until further notice. Capsuleer pilots of I-RED and our security contractors will now accompany any future transports until it is deemed safe otherwise."

If you have information on the identity of the attackers, you are requested to relay the information to a representative of I-RED or RDC.

Selenna Solange • YC119.10.02

Ishukone-Raata Corporate Bank Convoy Attacked

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