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Intaki - A recent economic initiative by Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive to boost an already bustling Intaki trade hub has proven successful thus far. Heavy shipments from I-RED freighters have been seen passing in and out of the Intaki V-V trade hub, along with formidable escorts.

"The Intaki Prosperity Initiative has been I-RED's longest standing ally", elaborated Executor Hinkelmann in a recent press interview. "It is only natural that we fortify our connections every now and then. And perhaps the best way to achieve this is via supporting each other through economic means - a saturation of the Intaki market on various goods, in this case."

A local station worker had this to say about the recent surge in market activity, "I-RED is quite the familiar face in these parts. Although it has been years since they've last formally stationed from Intaki, their presence has never really faded. I can speak for myself and my family and friends when I say that Intaki have benefited from them." Several other interviews with local Intaki all repeat a similar sentiment.

Although the goods that have been dumped into market by I-RED have not been publicly released, a simple market query reveals a notable amount of capital ships being seeded in the system's trade hub.

The future of any more economic stimulus packages from I-RED into the Intaki system remains to be seen.

Koren Akko • YC119.09.24

Economic Boost for Intaki

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