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The Heiian Institute has officially released the HCC or Heiian Cultural Committee charter to the public. When representatives were questioned as to what immediate plans the cultural organization had, spokeswoman Kesiko Inaa commented, "Now that the Institute and the public have a rulebook, or guide, we can move forward with the nomination process."


After looking over the released charter and speaking to those involved, the most apparent expectation of this HCC panel is to promote the Caldari way of life, knowledge, and culture. But that is not their only mandate: several projects are slated for completion under the YC120 Committee, including the formation of the Heiian Event Consortium [HEC] that would facilitate small skirmishes or wargames between competing corporations and individuals.


The Committee will also serve in a management and oversight role over the Economic & Prosperity Forum, which according to documents supplied by members within the Institute would enact a bold plan to bring several Caldari Financial Institutions together in an attempt to formulate a creditors system for trusted capsuleers.


While nominations won't officially start until the 7th of next month I-RCN has heard at least one prospective nominee is a high-ranking officer within the Heiian Conglomerate.


The current oversight director Alexandre Hinkelmann has stated that anyone looking to nominate themselves or another for one of the three Committee seats should prepare to do so publicly once an official forum has been opened on 10.7.119YC, or alternatively by sending mail through the usual diplomatic and corporate channels.

Koren Akko • YC119.09.22

Heiian Institute Charts Course for Cultural Committee

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