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Nine years have passed and the long defunct Heiian Society now sees the potential for a new lease on life.


Recently, several loyalists belonging to the Practical and Liberal political blocs have been working to re-establish the society's mandate by conducting a full reorganization of its foundation. The Heiian Society was described as a cooperative group devoted to the study, preservation, and advancement of Caldari cultural values. It was officially founded on 110.04.22 by a loyalist belonging to the Patriot Bloc, Dex Nederland. The group saw some progress and attempts to push its mandate forward, such as the Caldari Prime Relief Effort in 110.05.11, the meetings on Caldari Ethics of Conflict, Merits of the Providential Directorate, and the Airkio Strategic Planning Convention. But as time passed, its use was discontinued, leading to an abandonment of the project.


Those dealing with the re-organization efforts have stated the Society will maintain the same mandate put in place by the founders. However, it is very likely that the internal workings of the Society will be changed, to some extent. One such change made aware to I-RCN would be the removal of the Heiian Congress, seeing it replaced by a more fitting nomination based model known as the Heiian Cultural Committee (HCC). Consisting of three seats and one chairman, this committee would be the driving force behind future projects. A nomination process for the Cultural Committee is said to be slated for the near-future, and will be open to loyalists belonging to at least one of the political blocs within the Caldari State. As of this report, the Oversight Director of the group hasn't released information on how exactly such a process will work, only that more information on the committee nomination will be released nearing the end of the month.

For Ishukone-Raata Certified News, this is Koren Akko reporting.

Koren Akko • YC119.06.08

Heiian Institute To Begin Committee Nomination Process

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