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Saisio Solar System - Yesterday marked the first of a series of sieges against a Astrahaus class Citadel in orbit of the Saisio III planet. The structure was constructed by a notorious Blood Raider capsuleer commonly referred to as the 'Butcher' for the thousands of gruesome blood sacrifices he has conducted over several years.


These reported killings have often garnered the ire and wrath of several Amarrian institutions, resulting in the destruction of orbital structures under the ownership of Hoi Andrapodistai. In appearance, the organization has moved its attempts at erecting these blood temples away from the sovereignty of the Empire and into the Caldari State- a move that has stirred a vocal majority of the Capsuleer Interstellar Community into heated debates, condemnation, ultimatums, and as we witnessed today, an armed conflict from a coalition of loyalists belonging to the Caldari Liberal Bloc and Orthodox Amarr Organizations.

The conflict has so far seen the destruction of an estimated 776,797,868.65 ISK in the form of cruisers and battlecruisers belonging to an organization known as the

Koren Akko • YC119.05.19

Blood Raider Erects Temple over Achuran Homeworld

Clouds of War. At the time of reporting the loyalist coalition nor Hoi Andrapodistai and their allies in the Guri Raiders have seen any losses. Several supportive or even congratulatory statements have been released on the Intergalactic Summit by heads of the Caldari Loyalist Bloc.


Makoto Priano, wrote. "I would like to thank SFRIM, PNS, ALXVP, I-RED, and of course my pilots from IKAME who were able to answer the call for an engagement outside of our ideal operating hours. I'd also like to thank Charles Schmidt for flying alongside as an independent. Of course, there's work yet to do."

Echoing the sentiment, Ishukone-Raata's spokeswoman Julianni Avala stated "On behalf of I-RED, thank you to everyone involved in this undertaking. I would also like to make mention and give thanks to Elassus Herron of RDC, who also provided aid in this powerful representation of cooperation. As Priano-haani has stated, there is still work to be done, and we look forward to collaborating again to ensure this threat is handled."

Others seem very confident with their position that they chose to demand the surrender of Hoi Andrapodistai, but no official word has been heard as of yet if such a thing will happen.

For Ishukone-Raata Certified News, this is Koren Akko reporting.

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