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A-3ES3 - Religious and spiritual leaders of both the Amarr and Intaki populations aboard the Tash-Murkon Refinery held a joint ceremony today. The Astrahus-class Citadel is home to a fair number or practicing followers of both faiths. As such, this event was rather remarkable as it set forth a precedent of cooperation and unity between the considerably different spiritualities.

The joint religious ceremony was hosted in the Tash-Murkon Central Park, amid the blooming flowers of the artificial Spring cycle within the park chamber. Attendance was high, and a festival of sorts followed the speeches and unity prayer. Spoken statements from event organizers even allege that a fair number of attendees were not officially practicing members of either faith.

"We wanted to hold an event which would stand against the tide of division and negativity currently grasping the cluster as a response to the Kyonoke Crisis", stated Intaki spiritual leader Mahi Jedamma. "When I proposed the idea to Amarrian counterpart, Judeas Sithanas, he wholeheartedly supported the idea, and our respective organizations got to work to organize all of this."

When asked if the event was also hosted in response to the recent explosion which occurred on the facility, Jedamma did not directly comment on the matter. Instead, she simply indicated her full faith and trust in I-RED to resolve the situation.

Regardless, this joint prayer certainly stands as a beacon of light amid a wave of darkness in the cluster. A number of attendees indicated that they hope more events like this can take place across the cluster, instead of the continuing eradication of harmony between the various empire factions. 

Taigeru Beldeia • YC119.03.27

Mass Prayer Held Aboard Tash-Murkon Refinery

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