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617I-I - Kapadia's Comet, a large comet named after the Intaki Syndicate astronomer Ahmi Kapadia, has arrived to the inner 617I-I system as part of its 9 year cycle. Eager space phenomena watchers aboard the Tuulinen Observatory have been relishing the site of the ethereal blue beauty.

"It is always a welcome sight, I think", said Vyra Anouilh, a long-time resident of 617I-I. "Kapadia's Comet has long passed by since much before I was even born. Among the hardly locals here, I guess you can say it has come to represent something of good fortune."

"Personally, I'm not one to be easily fascinated by interstellar events, but I would be lying if I said I didn't take a few minutes every day to stare at it from the observation deck", admitted welder Niro Lamar.

It is certainly a sight to see, and visitors of the Tuulinen Observatory will be able to enjoy it easily for another week or so.

Selenna Solange • YC119.03.20

Kapadia's Comet Passes Through Inner 617I-I System

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