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6-U2M8 - An exclusive concert starring illustrious singer Selenna 'Scarlet' Solange was sold out yesterday evening within a mere half hour of ticket sales being made publicly available. While the Syndicate diva has not stepped out on stage for a number of years, ever since she resurfaced into the public eye as CEO of I-RCN, she has sung for a number of private events.

Ticket sales for this performance were initially available to a secret list of individuals. After selling out these seats, the majority of the concert seats were made available to the public. This event will mark the first performance of its kind for Scarlet since the seemingly endless sold out shows of years past.

However, her time out of the limelight has not deterred her from her passion. "I am eager to step out on stage to a crowd of this size again", smiled Scarlet. "I am also pleased to announce that the proceeds of this I-RED sponsored benefit show will go directly to various charities in Syndicate and Placid."

She confessed, "When I first proposed the idea to the Board of Directors, my heart was overwhelmed with anxiety at the fear of immediate rejection. However, to my delightful surprise, the other directors wholeheartedly supported the idea. Preparations and diverting of funds began immediately, at that very meeting actually!"

The Red Ribbon Benefit Show, as it is being called by its organizers, is set to take place aboard the 617I-I Tuulinen Observatory. Negotiations with Moromuo Towers management has yielded extremely affordable housing accommodations for those with a valid ticket. Furthermore, the famous Moromuo Towers attraction, The Boardwalk, will only be open to benefit show attendees for the entire day and entire night.

The Red Ribbon Benefit Show is set to take place on YC119.04.09 at 01:00 NEST. 

Taigeru Beldeia • YC119.03.15

Exclusive Concert Featuring Scarlet Sold Out

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