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2Q-I6Q - In a lonely system of Syndicate, a sizable and independent Intaki mining outpost was operating as per routine. For reasons unexplained, a standard shipment of water for the outpost was intercepted by Serpentis forces. A blockade ensued for a number of weeks. The vital resource was running low, and the outpost was faced with the possibility of serious problems. However, the ever watchful intelligence agents of I-RED found out what was happening, and plans were put in place on how to handle the situation.

During the late hours of YC119.03.13, those plans were put into motion. A taskforce of Enforcer vessels commanded by Revenent Defense Corporation (RDC) Vice-Admiral Korbin Lavius, at the helm of a Chimera-class carrier, launched an overwhelming assault on the Serpentis forces blockading the civilian outpost. The amassed Serpentis fleet was caught by surprise as the Chimera, the IRV Shirozen-Haikatu, jumped in followed by the bridged subcapital taskforce of I-RED. The battle was fought ferociously by the I-RED forces, who sustained minimal losses throughout the course of the engagement.

The heavily outgunned and outnumbered outpost security forces jumped into the fight on behalf of I-RED midway through the battle. Faced with the massive counterattack, what was left of the Serpentis forces retreated, while a majority was either immobilized or decimated.

The operation was classified as a resounding success. Following the conclusion of the battle, transport ships laden with medical supplies, food, and most notably water, emerged from the hangars of the IRV Shirozen-Haikatu. A busy few hours were had after the strike finished, as I-RED forces resupplied the Intaki mining outpost with the essential resource of water, among other things. In some respects, the image evoked memories of old as the original vessel the Chimera was based off of was a water freighter delivering water on the seas of Caldari Prime.

I-RCN reached out to Vice-Admiral Lavius for comment. He provided only a brief statement: "The operation, as a whole, went without flaw. I commend the personnel of both RDC and I-RED for their courageous and honorable service not only to the State, but to the valued people of the Intaki Syndicate. We will not tolerate violence or oppression to a people who have welcomed us as their own. We will continue to interdict Serpentis forces, or any faction for that matter, so long as they continue to harass or deprive the Intaki Syndicate of prosperity, peace of mind, and sovereignty."

Selenna Solange • YC119.03.15

I-RED Relief Transport Quenches Outpost Water Shortage

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